Friday, May 14, 2010

Vacation Memory # 4

4. Los Angeles, CA(2002)- The Osbournes Neighbors- This was during the infamous reign of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne and their ever so polite children. We were going on the popular "Tour of Stars Homes" which I had been waiting for all my life. We have a doofus as a tour guide, but I was okay with that. There was a group of 4 people that looked to be about in their 30's with video cameras joining us on this tour. Now, this doesn't sound weird I'm sure. I mean you want to tape the stars homes right?? But the weird thing was they were not taping out the window at the homes, they were actually taping us, as in me, Blake, Mom and Dad. They were asking us what we felt about the Osbournes and had we seen the episode where Sharon threw the ham over into the neighbors yard. My dad and I said we had both seen that episode and I had watched the show pretty regularly. Well we pulled up to the Osbournes house. We all took pictures and such. The driver says, " And this is the neighbors house where Sharon threw the ham over." He said, "Should we go into the driveway?" Now, I had already told my parents that I planned on getting arrested if I saw any stars in Hollywood. So I began to yell, YES, YES, GO INTO THE DRIVEWAY. So he did. Then he said, "Should we go up to the door?' And I began to yell, YES, YES, I WILL GO UP TO THE DOOR. I tore down the steps of the bus, up to the door and opened it. Surprisingly, everyone followed me. I guess they figured I did the breaking and entering maybe they wouldn't get arrested. Everyone ran into the house. It was a beautiful mansion full of the most beautiful things!! I pulled my mom up the steps and started going through all the rooms. We went into one of the bedrooms and started looking around. There on the nightstand was a picture of a couple. This couple looked EXACTLY like the couple on the bus with the video cameras. We ran down stairs where the people on the bus with the cameras started to laugh and explained what was REALLY going on. They were the actual Osbourne's neighbors and planned on shooting a pilot about their situation. They used us as practice and planned to use footage for their pilot. They absolutely could not believe that someone would act like I did. They thought it was going to be SO tough to get someone to go through the doors. Well, they didn't know my obsession. We went down to their media room and watched the infamous episode. They feed us and gave us drinks. They were the nicest people. It was just a surreal time. I wouldn't recommend breaking and entering any of the other mansions though!!!!!

Oh by the way:  The Pilot was never picked up. I have looked all over YouTube for some of the footage though. I really think I acted ridiculous enough to make on there.

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  1. I love this one! You really should have kept in touch with them!