Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Favorite Traveling Memories #2

2. Los Angeles, CA(2002)- Now, this was my dream vacation. I love movie stars and famous people, so I dreamed of this vacation all of my life. My parents planned this trip for me after graduating from college. My parents, me, and my friend Blake all braved the crazies of California. I will reference this trip on a few occasions.

Ticket Trouble-- We start our day going to the Price Is Right. We are weaving through traffic on our way there when mom realizes we forgot the tickets in the room. We drive all the way back get the tickets, make our way back to the studio, where they tell us we aren't in time. They have already chosen their audience. We decide we are going to the Tonight Show. We have been standing in line for around 2 hours when finally they call our numbers. Dad reaches into his pocket to get his ticket, but of course he has lost it. He is digging through the trash and searching the ground. Thank goodness for a nice couple who actually had an extra ticket. We get in and have a half way decent time with Jay Leno. As we are leaving mom says, ".Greg, give me your ticket so I can save them as mementos." Dad reaches into his pocket and....You guessed it, he lost them.

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  1. Unbelievable. No, wait, this is Greg we're talking about. I believe it.