Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday, Friday So Good To Me

Fridays: How I love you so!

I'm lacking in stuff to blog about so I'm just going to blog about TV. It is unfortunately one of my very favorite things to do. 
1. Grey's Anatomy:  Probably the best 2 hours of TV I have EVER watched. I was so tense during this time, that I was actually shaking!  My jaw is killing me today due to keeping it locked the whole time I was watching.  I was a bit shocked about seeing Reid get shot in the head at 8:08. This is primetime by the way.  When they rerun a scary movie on TV they usually don't show head traumas, so I was shocked by this.  But getting passed that to seeing my beloved Alex getting shot,  I didn't feel good about the following 1hr 52min. I wasn't sure I was going to make it!

2. The Apprentice: Now I fully believe that Donald Trump might be the biggest douche I have ever met.(okay seen on TV)  But when my Bret Michaels is on a TV show ima gonna watch!  Yes, I love him. Yes, I'm fine with you making fun of me.  Needless to say, I'm so thankful he has made a fantastic recovery and that he has made it to the finale of the show. He released today that he would be at the live finale show!! I can't wait to see him on Sunday night.  I do kinda hope Holly wins though, because she is working for her Autism charity. 

3. Real HouseWives of New York:  I don't get Bravo, and its probably a good thing, because I honestly wouldn't leave the couch if I did.  I do on the other hand get this show on On Demand.  Its an incredible guilty pleasure.  You know me and my Reality TV.  These people are wacko! I feel like I'm just like Bethenny. I feel like Kelly are girls I meet in the real world and can't stand!  Anyway, this weeks was a really great episode. Kelly has officially lost her mind.

4. The Office and 30 Rock- I'm lumping these two together, because they both equally disappointed me this year. The season finale's did too. BORINGGGGGGG.

5. American Idol- THANK YOU LEE DEWYZE. Finally a performance I can get behind.  It was just fantastic and they should have crowned him the winner this week. I'm not sure I can handle another week.  This has truly been the worst season of AI. I have watched every season from the beginning and I think I finally mean it when I say, "I won't watch next season."  That is unless they get an awesome judge to take Simon's place, but I don't know who that could possible be.

6. LOST- Oh sad day.  I actually might go into mourning after the show Sunday night. I know it will never live up to all of our expectations. And I'm actually fine with that. How could it? I really do feel like I will leave pleased though. Before the second season started my husband and I with our good friends did a marathon viewing of the first season.  We were useless at work the next day, but it was all totally worth it. I'm afraid I wont be able to watch all 4 hours completely until Monday night. So please don't ruin it for me!! 

7.  CougarTown and Modern Family:  If you are not watching these shows, I suggest you go to ABC.COM and watch every single episode right this second.  Finally sitcoms that are funny again.  I actually die laughing every single week with these shows.  My friend Laura says I remind her of Cameron on Modern Family.  Let me say that he is a fat, gay man.  What in the world is she saying????  I think I'm like Jules on CougarTown.  I'm like her as a mother at least.  She is crazy and a bit neurotic and a mother to a son.  This son loves her because and in spite of her being this way. I pray Hudson loves me the same exact way. 

8. Shows I started to watch, but sure am glad I did not get to invested in:  Happy Town, Flash Forward, and Accidentally on Purpose.

Well, there you go. Sign me up for a newspaper. I could write about TV all day long!!!  Have a great weekend.


  1. I'm so sad about LOST ending tonight! Lee DeWyze did awesome last week. He better win. Next year will probably be even MORE terrible. I need to watch CougarTown. Looks funny!

  2. Grey's always has the best season finale shows - pretty darn suspenseful! So glad Bret Michaels won Celebrity Apprentice! Hoping Lee wins AI and Nicole wins Dancing With The Stars. Need to go watch Modern Family. Loved the episodes I've seen. Sorry to see Parenthood's season ending tonight. Great show. Bachelorette and So You Think You Can Dance start this week. Thanks for sharing!!!