Wednesday, May 26, 2010


That's right...I'm done! Well at least for 2 months. I'm just so stinking excited. I cannot wait to see what this summer has to offer!  I just want to spend time with my little boy! Okay, I also want to sleep in and take naps and go, go, go and do things I want to do. 
I hope to also keep this up during the summer. 

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tick Me Off Tuesday

Here is my list for this week:

1. Git R done on the back of truck windows.

2. Adult men (21 or older) wearing a Hollister shirt. Especially when it is tight. It just grosses me out!

3. Married women/mothers getting tattoo’s. You lived your teenage years, if you didn’t get it then, you absolutely do not need one now. You are a grown up, get over it. A vine around your ankle or a daisy on your toe will not make you feel better about yourself.

4. Tree huggers that believe a tree is more meaningful than a human life ending.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday, Friday So Good To Me

Fridays: How I love you so!

I'm lacking in stuff to blog about so I'm just going to blog about TV. It is unfortunately one of my very favorite things to do. 
1. Grey's Anatomy:  Probably the best 2 hours of TV I have EVER watched. I was so tense during this time, that I was actually shaking!  My jaw is killing me today due to keeping it locked the whole time I was watching.  I was a bit shocked about seeing Reid get shot in the head at 8:08. This is primetime by the way.  When they rerun a scary movie on TV they usually don't show head traumas, so I was shocked by this.  But getting passed that to seeing my beloved Alex getting shot,  I didn't feel good about the following 1hr 52min. I wasn't sure I was going to make it!

2. The Apprentice: Now I fully believe that Donald Trump might be the biggest douche I have ever met.(okay seen on TV)  But when my Bret Michaels is on a TV show ima gonna watch!  Yes, I love him. Yes, I'm fine with you making fun of me.  Needless to say, I'm so thankful he has made a fantastic recovery and that he has made it to the finale of the show. He released today that he would be at the live finale show!! I can't wait to see him on Sunday night.  I do kinda hope Holly wins though, because she is working for her Autism charity. 

3. Real HouseWives of New York:  I don't get Bravo, and its probably a good thing, because I honestly wouldn't leave the couch if I did.  I do on the other hand get this show on On Demand.  Its an incredible guilty pleasure.  You know me and my Reality TV.  These people are wacko! I feel like I'm just like Bethenny. I feel like Kelly are girls I meet in the real world and can't stand!  Anyway, this weeks was a really great episode. Kelly has officially lost her mind.

4. The Office and 30 Rock- I'm lumping these two together, because they both equally disappointed me this year. The season finale's did too. BORINGGGGGGG.

5. American Idol- THANK YOU LEE DEWYZE. Finally a performance I can get behind.  It was just fantastic and they should have crowned him the winner this week. I'm not sure I can handle another week.  This has truly been the worst season of AI. I have watched every season from the beginning and I think I finally mean it when I say, "I won't watch next season."  That is unless they get an awesome judge to take Simon's place, but I don't know who that could possible be.

6. LOST- Oh sad day.  I actually might go into mourning after the show Sunday night. I know it will never live up to all of our expectations. And I'm actually fine with that. How could it? I really do feel like I will leave pleased though. Before the second season started my husband and I with our good friends did a marathon viewing of the first season.  We were useless at work the next day, but it was all totally worth it. I'm afraid I wont be able to watch all 4 hours completely until Monday night. So please don't ruin it for me!! 

7.  CougarTown and Modern Family:  If you are not watching these shows, I suggest you go to ABC.COM and watch every single episode right this second.  Finally sitcoms that are funny again.  I actually die laughing every single week with these shows.  My friend Laura says I remind her of Cameron on Modern Family.  Let me say that he is a fat, gay man.  What in the world is she saying????  I think I'm like Jules on CougarTown.  I'm like her as a mother at least.  She is crazy and a bit neurotic and a mother to a son.  This son loves her because and in spite of her being this way. I pray Hudson loves me the same exact way. 

8. Shows I started to watch, but sure am glad I did not get to invested in:  Happy Town, Flash Forward, and Accidentally on Purpose.

Well, there you go. Sign me up for a newspaper. I could write about TV all day long!!!  Have a great weekend.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Almost Done

This has honestly been a great year.  I had a great caseload of kids and surprisingly it went by incredibly quick. I'm very excited about the summer though.  I want ideas on what I can do this summer with a toddler.
We plan to :
1. Go to the Sprinkler Park
2. Go to the park
3. Go to the Library. I'm wondering if they have a story hour in the summer. Hudson loves books!
4. We might go to Dixon Springs and to the Chocolate Factory.

What else is out there for a toddler? I want to stay busy.

1 1/2 weeks left!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Vacation Memory # 4

4. Los Angeles, CA(2002)- The Osbournes Neighbors- This was during the infamous reign of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne and their ever so polite children. We were going on the popular "Tour of Stars Homes" which I had been waiting for all my life. We have a doofus as a tour guide, but I was okay with that. There was a group of 4 people that looked to be about in their 30's with video cameras joining us on this tour. Now, this doesn't sound weird I'm sure. I mean you want to tape the stars homes right?? But the weird thing was they were not taping out the window at the homes, they were actually taping us, as in me, Blake, Mom and Dad. They were asking us what we felt about the Osbournes and had we seen the episode where Sharon threw the ham over into the neighbors yard. My dad and I said we had both seen that episode and I had watched the show pretty regularly. Well we pulled up to the Osbournes house. We all took pictures and such. The driver says, " And this is the neighbors house where Sharon threw the ham over." He said, "Should we go into the driveway?" Now, I had already told my parents that I planned on getting arrested if I saw any stars in Hollywood. So I began to yell, YES, YES, GO INTO THE DRIVEWAY. So he did. Then he said, "Should we go up to the door?' And I began to yell, YES, YES, I WILL GO UP TO THE DOOR. I tore down the steps of the bus, up to the door and opened it. Surprisingly, everyone followed me. I guess they figured I did the breaking and entering maybe they wouldn't get arrested. Everyone ran into the house. It was a beautiful mansion full of the most beautiful things!! I pulled my mom up the steps and started going through all the rooms. We went into one of the bedrooms and started looking around. There on the nightstand was a picture of a couple. This couple looked EXACTLY like the couple on the bus with the video cameras. We ran down stairs where the people on the bus with the cameras started to laugh and explained what was REALLY going on. They were the actual Osbourne's neighbors and planned on shooting a pilot about their situation. They used us as practice and planned to use footage for their pilot. They absolutely could not believe that someone would act like I did. They thought it was going to be SO tough to get someone to go through the doors. Well, they didn't know my obsession. We went down to their media room and watched the infamous episode. They feed us and gave us drinks. They were the nicest people. It was just a surreal time. I wouldn't recommend breaking and entering any of the other mansions though!!!!!

Oh by the way:  The Pilot was never picked up. I have looked all over YouTube for some of the footage though. I really think I acted ridiculous enough to make on there.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Vacation Memory #3

3. Los Angeles, CA(2002)-

Car Chaos- We rented a Durango for our traveling needs from San Francisco to San Diego. This was obviously too much car for my father. He was unable to handle the size of this SUV at many times. This started in a parking garage where he scraped the whole side on a wall during a turn. While checking on the scrape he locked the keys in the car and we had to call a locksmith to unlock the door.
Also, while visiting a comedy club on the strip dad gave the keys to a valet. The valet parks it for us and then brings it back when our time was done in the club. We get in the car and Dad cant figure out how to unlock the emergency break. Dad gets out of the car and starts pushing on the break to get it to release. The car immediately releases and my mom, me and my friend Blake in the Durango start flying toward the extremely heavy traffic on the Strip. We are screaming at the top of our lungs and seeing our lives flash before our eyes. The valet, who obviously for his day job is a super hero, flies into the car, jumps into the driver seat and slams on the break and saves us all!!! Dad with his head down says nothing and we drive away.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

I didn't post a vacation memory yesterday because it was Mother's Day.  I had a great weekend of celebrating it. We went to Clarksville with my BIL and SIL.  We had just a great time.  Hit lots of stores and ate at Old Chicago.  The best pizza place around. I went to a cool children's consignment shop, got some birthday shopping done for my MIL, and got to see how fast a helium balloon will escape from a car when the door is opened.  (Sara, this seriously was hilarious)

Yesterday I got to celebrate my day by taking a 3 hour nap without the monitor. Many of you may not know how wonderful naps are, but without the monitor they are so much better.  I have complete peace that my husband is watching him and I don't have to worry. No, "Did he cry out? Is he awake? Is that his aquarium turned on playing that annoying music?"  Just peace and quiet for my nap yesterday.

I plan to post my 3rd vacation memory later today.

Oh, by the way 2 1/2 more weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Favorite Traveling Memories #2

2. Los Angeles, CA(2002)- Now, this was my dream vacation. I love movie stars and famous people, so I dreamed of this vacation all of my life. My parents planned this trip for me after graduating from college. My parents, me, and my friend Blake all braved the crazies of California. I will reference this trip on a few occasions.

Ticket Trouble-- We start our day going to the Price Is Right. We are weaving through traffic on our way there when mom realizes we forgot the tickets in the room. We drive all the way back get the tickets, make our way back to the studio, where they tell us we aren't in time. They have already chosen their audience. We decide we are going to the Tonight Show. We have been standing in line for around 2 hours when finally they call our numbers. Dad reaches into his pocket to get his ticket, but of course he has lost it. He is digging through the trash and searching the ground. Thank goodness for a nice couple who actually had an extra ticket. We get in and have a half way decent time with Jay Leno. As we are leaving mom says, ".Greg, give me your ticket so I can save them as mementos." Dad reaches into his pocket and....You guessed it, he lost them.

Friday, May 7, 2010

My Favorite Vacation Moments

I have been very blessed in my life with the opportunities my parents gave me to travel.  We may not have had the biggest house or drove the most expensive car, but I will tell you we TRAVELED!  I love vacations and I pray Im able to take my son as many places as I have been. My husband never got to travel much, so I love to live through him when he gets to experience a new place.  My SIL was telling me this hilarious story about a scorpion on her pillow while she was at Gatlinburg. Now, she did not think it was funny one bit, but it made me think I should share some of my favorite funny memories. I think I will share one a day, or it will be just too long a post.
So here are my 11 favorite funny vacation memories in no particular order: 
Why 11 you might ask...Because I thought of more than 10, but less than 20. 

1.  Tampa, FL(2007)--We are at the Tampa airport. My grandfather who has had many stints put into his heart sets off the alarms as he walks through the scanning devices.  They decide to pull him over to the side and "hand-scan" him.  He is standing there 70 something years old, with no shoes on and his hands up in the air.  He is SO mad at this point, I guess he just snapped. He begins to yell, "Yeah, thats right, IM A TERRORIST, IM A TERRORIST." My parents and my husband and I are standing at the side yelling   "SHUT UP GRANDPA! THEY WILL ARREST YOU!"  They must get this all the time, because they actually let us all go. 

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mother to a Boy

I was overwhelmed when the ultrasound tech said, "There IT is, you are definitely having a boy!" I thought what the heck? What am I going to do with a boy? I don't know how to raise a boy.  I don't know anything about boys except they are overly hyper and very dirty. Two things I don't know if I can deal with. It was all very overwhelming for me. I loved my baby very much and knew this was a new journey. I would just learn as I went. I began to do "research" about what to expect with a boy. I bought boy clothes and boy toys. I began to get very  excited about being a mom to a boy! Then my baby arrived and it was an immediate bond. He was the most perfect baby. My motherly instincts just kicked in. Mind you I had maybe changed 2 diapers in my whole life.  They can not warn you enough about what those first diapers will be like! 

Taking him home and knowing he was mine(and my husbands of course) was so exciting. I was a mom!! The reality of knowing he may be overly hyper and probably would get very dirty did not bother me one bit.
I also became overwhelmed with the responsibility of raising a boy in today's society. The man he would need to represent as a Christian. I want him to be prepared for what the world is like, but know he is meant for more than what the world will give him. A couple of weeks ago I began to read a fantastic book that I'm sure I will reference back to for the rest of his life.  The book is Your Boy: Raising a Godly Son in an UnGodly World. It is written by Vicki Courtney.  Here is the paragraph that I love and also overwhelms me: 

      As a mother we have a brief eighteen years to make a godly impact on our sons. Eighteen years to teach them about the God we serve.  Eighteen years to impress God's commandments upon their hearts. Eighteen years to train them to be real men living in a real world. Eighteen years to influence them in a way their fathers cannot. Eighteen years to be the number one gal in their lives. And eighteen years to ready ourselves for that day when we must release them to a waiting world. We have been given a task to grow the next generation of godly men. It is a high calling-perhaps the highest calling God can give a woman. And never before have the stakes been so high. Truly "the hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world."

A very incredible paragraph to a mom with a boy.  Knowing what my boy will deal with in this world we live in is very overwhelming. I have to do the best I can to equip him to deal with what the world will throw at him.  Its a job I don't take lightly. I pray every night for God to equip ME  with what I will need to teach him.

What a wonderful job it is to be a mom. Worth every bit of worrying and sacrificing and stress. Worth every sleepless night, dirty diaper, and spit up. Its worth everything you give up, because the gain is just so much more.

My son is only a year old. I'm  not naive. I know the job will get tougher. The stress more overwhelming.  But I also know that God looked down at me and said, "Brittany, I love you. I know I have well equipped you to raise this son of mine. I know you can take care of him for this short while. Just remember that he is mine not yours. As much as you love him, I love him so much more."

Thank you God for making me a Mother of a Boy.

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Countdown Is On!

I just question if I will make it to the end of this year! I know, I know. How do you with "normal" jobs make it? What do you look forward to? The weekend....I could never do it. Well, the countdown is on for me... 3 1/2 weeks. It just sounds so far away. I hope its a great summer!

My posts are always filled with my scattering thoughts.  Here are four of my most hated phrases:

1. Cool Beans-  This is my absolute most hated. "Cool Beans?" What the heck does this mean. Its totally stupid. I have stopped a many of friends in my life from saying this stupid phrase.

2. Its the Bomb- I want to punch someone in the face when they say this.  A friend of mine went to this uppity restaurant downtown last weekend.  The waitress actually told her that a menu item was "the bomb." That waitress should be fired on the spot. No questions asked.

3. Its on like Donkey Kong-  What the crap?  I have played Donkey Kong and I don't know how things can be on.

4. My Bad-  My husband insists on saying this still. I say, "Honey, its not 1995."

So, that's my rant for today.