Sunday, June 27, 2010

Where is my Shower Cap???

We had a fantastic vacation. Much needed.  Hudson had a blast swimming and ruling the condo.  I love vacations.  I love relaxing, eating all I want, napping, and finishing books I'm reading. 

My husband loves taking the free shampoos/lotions, shower caps, and mouthwash they give you in the hotel rooms we stayed in on the way down and back home. 

I always get home and I'm cleaning out his bag and find all these tiny bottles.  What do you do with the bottles?  Do I put them in our cabinets or keep them in the bags?  I once read you can sit them out for guests you have.  We don't have that many guests! 

I asked him, "David dear, why do you always take the free toiletries from the bathroom at the hotels?" 

He replies, "Their Free!!!  You never know when you might need them!"

I have to add, that I am almost positive we will NEVER be so poor that we cannot afford shampoo, lotion, or mouthwash.  Also, I have not once in my life used a shower cap.

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