Sunday, June 6, 2010

Retail Therapy

I never really realized how much I despise retail workers.  It starts with the fact of them being the snobbiest people I have EVER met. I want to look at them and say, "You make maybe $6 an hour. I make way more than you and I CAN afford your clothes!"  I mean if you dare walk out of their store and not buy anything they look at you like, "Are you kidding me? You couldn't find anything in MY store?" 
I also feel like some stores, I will just call them,  THE LIMITED and CHARLOTTE RUSSE, look at me when I walk in and say with their eyes, "You can't fit into anything in this store, what are you doing in here?" 

That's when I say with my eyes, "You are completely correct... but I love your jewelry!" 

Also, for goodness sakes, I DO NOT want to sign up for your freaking credit card.  If I want 10% off today I will let you know! This guy yesterday at GAP actually told me it would help him out SO much if I would sign up for one.  I said, "Well, you don't know the trouble it will get me in when I get into the car!"  He did not take this as a NO. He continued with actually begging me to sign up for one! I was shocked.  Kid, your little "reward" for getting me to sign up is not worth the interest rate I'm going to be charged when I will not pay off this card monthly.  Your little "reward" is not worth me planning a funeral, because I rack up an incredible amount of money on there and keep it a secret from my husband and then he finds a bill and opens it and has a heart attack.

Also, just because you are having a "Buy one get one 1/2 off" sale, does that mean I HAVE to get another shirt!  I came in for one shirt, and one shirt only. 

It does usually mean I will leave with at least 2 shirts!!  Seriously, that sell gets me every time!

Oh, retailers!  You are such a love/hate relationship.


  1. I totally agree about the snobbiness. I think Paducah stores are some of the worst. Sometimes I feel like yelling, "You don't own the store, MORON". I find that as I get older I want to frequently call a stores manager and complain about the customer service I received...or the lack thereof. It seems that a lot of people nowadays do not have a good work ethic. Heck in today's economy....everyone should be thankful for their jobs!! Just sayin'. Oh Brittany....this is why you and I are friends..we get fired up over some of the same things....well except for Cool beans!!!

  2. Okay, when I worked retail, our "reward" for getting people to sign up was basically not getting yelled at by management. I hated that crap. Retail is the worst. I'm pretty sure Best Buy is the only store working on commission and they're totally nice in there. Eat that, Charlotte Russe and Gap!