Thursday, April 22, 2010

SAD Week

This is just a downer post. I hate to do it, but its all that is filling my mind. I just can hardly stand the stories I have heard this week. 2 INCREDIBLY sad stories about little ones. I'm just so overwhelmed by them. Both taken from their parents just way to soon. I don't know how the parents can even go on. Dave says I'm obsessing over the one story.
The one story involves an 18month old. He had a brain bleed after a fall. I went to school with his parents and they are both nice people. It just so happens the night he was born I was at the hospital in the next room getting a shot during my pregnancy. I was actually there when that sweet baby was brought into this world. Its just so unfair. I just cant stop crying about it.
I thank God for my sweet boy. I hold him a little tighter tonight. I pray just a little longer tonight. I thank God a little more tonight.

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  1. I heard about that little 18 month old boy. That completely breaks my heart. What a tragedy. My prayers are with both families you speak of. I understand how scary it must be to hear these things.