Monday, April 12, 2010

Back to the Grind

Sad, Sad Day. Back to work after a completely wonderful Spring Break.  My job is not bad. Its actually fantastic once I get there, its just leaving home that stinks.
My SB started with a great Easter. This was not Hudson's first, but he was only like 2 weeks old for last years. He was able to participate much more this year. He hunted eggs and took many wagon rides. The adults participated in blowing bubbles all day. Funny how you forget how much fun kid activities are. Seriously, go outside right now and just blow some bubbles. Loads of fun!!  Okay maybe not loads, but a lot of fun. Mainly, I had a great week of just spending time with my son.  We went and ate lunch out, shopped, and took naps. Oh, how I LOVE naps.  They are so precious now!!!
I also started reading a book by Vicki Courtney called Your Boy: How to raise a Godly man in an unGodly world. I actually cried throughout the entire introduction. This should have been my first sign to put the stinking book down, but no I started in on the first chapter. This did not help. It really is a good book. Just emotional for moms of boys, I guess.
Emotions run high for me now after having Hudson. I dont like crying. I dont like to do it and I dont like when other people do it in front of me. It makes me very uncomfortable. I dont want to be mean. I know people need to and I know I need to. Im just not good with it. Please, feel free to cry in front of me, but know I may not know how to react correctly. I think maybe because I feel when people cry they need a hug. And Lord knows I dont like hugging. So I then get completely uncomfortable and thinking, "Oh, they need a hug. Should I give them one? Is that the correct thing to do? But I dont want to hug them, because I dont feel comfortable hugging." These thoughts actually run through my mind.  I actually could make this whole topic a post at a later date.
Okay. Here is my post for today. Still hoping I keep this up!!

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  1. I had a great time blowing bubbles, as you know. Probably way more than Hudson loved it! I know it stinks that SB is over. I can't wait until I have one again next year for the first time in a long time! Wee!!! Please keep up the blogging:) Chop chop!